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Meet the Team: Todd Jurkowski and his Lights for Hope

We are the Jurkowskis and we love Christmas lights!


(Todd, Allison, Maddy, Lexi)


Bringing joy and cheer to the neighborhood!

We decorate to bring joy and cheer to the neighborhood. Looking out our windows and seeing little children, some adults too, running up and down the sidewalk (and through our yard) as they high-five, hug, and take pictures with our lights, makes us happy.  Many people tell us about the Christmas memories our home is making for them.  And, if I can be a bit selfish, it’s hard to be in a bad mood when you look outside to see all the decorations shining back at you.  I personally love them!


Our lights are on from 4:30 – 11:30pm every night until New Years Day.  This year we also have the lights set to turn on every weekday morning from 6:45 to 6:55am.  While setting up the lights, a very nice lady stopped to tell us she is a school bus driver for special-needs children who pass our home every morning at 6:50am. She mentioned the children love looking across the park at our decorations.  I promised her we would light up every morning for her bus.  It is heartwarming to look outside and see them drive by with their faces glued to the bus windows!


Todd's Lights for Hope


Most commonly asked questions:

1. How long does it take to put up all the lights?  Way too long!  My wife, Allison, starts decorating the house (wrapping columns, trees, etc.) at the end of October and I start putting everything in the yard the second week of November to be ready to light up on Thanksgiving night.  Then you also must take into account all the time spent getting the decorations ready for the season.  We started assembling the new lights in July!


2. How many decorations do we have?  We have 205 items in the yard & on the house.  We add more every year!


3. Where do you store it all?  On plywood across the open rafters of our garage.  Santa is watching over us all year long!


4. How much is your power bill?  Think of the steamy hot month of August when your AC constantly runs all month…that’s about the bump we see in our December bill.  Most of our lights are LEDs, so August is always our biggest bill.


5. How long have you been decorating?  We started in 2014 and we thought we were over-the-top back then!  Now, it’s just funny how small it was.


Christmas Lights for Hope

This year we are taking donations and raising awareness for HOPE FASTER which is an all-volunteer sports & fitness focused pediatric cancer fundraising and awareness platform. Created in 2013 by the sibling of a young cancer patient, HOPE FASTER encourages activity to help young cancer patients stay active and strives to help all children learn the lessons that sports and competition provide.  We even “lit up” the HOPE FASTER sign in our yard!


House decked out in Christmas lights.


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

The Jurkowski Family